I. Strategy.

We take a strategic market approach with the aim of creating a valuable business tool in the form of a well designed patent or patent portfolio. We work with our clients to identify market choke points, and to identify multiple ways of solving the technological problem and implementing the inventive solution. Patents resulting from this process are more valuable in that they are not easily avoided by competitors, they claim technologies of importance and substance, and they form an essential piece of a broader patent portfolio. 

Unfortunately, this skill is not commonly developed and most patent applications are drafted with exceedingly narrow claims based rigidly on a disclosure resulting in no more barrier to entry than a child proof cap. Even worse, some firms actually disincentivise strategic planning by attempting to shoehorn every invention into a cookie cutter application in order to leverage a fixed fee. 

    II. Experience.

Some law firms have partners with many years of experience; however, these partners rarely work on more than a sliver of the cases being filed. Instead, the work is usually delegated or subcontracted to inexperienced patent practitioners and sometimes even to unlicensed, unqualified, non-technical drafters. 

When you choose us, Robert brings his substantial experience to bear on every matter. Specifically, our strategic, flexible, and multifaceted approach to patents is designed to avoid problems such as unenforceability, claim mono-culture, and invalidity. Our team also includes an experienced paralegal staff with expertise in national and international filing, a benefit most small firms cannot afford to provide.

    III. Commitment.

Our firm was founded in part because of the unconscionable treatment of clients seen in other firms. Unless clients are perceived as "high value" (paying top dollar or provide a highly reliable case load), they are given second class treatment. Some firms regularly: run the clock, shortening the enforceable life of a patent; miss deadlines which increases costs; take prosecution shortcuts resulting in permanent loss of rights; and refuse to make important arguments or changes because of their complexity when the clients are not perceived as worth the effort. This is not only bad business and unethical, it is unconscionable.

Our firm is committed to providing honest and responsible services of the highest quality to fully advance our clients interests. We encourage our clients to contact us directly and be involved with the development and prosecution of their patent portfolio.

    IV. Flexibility.

No two clients are the same, no two inventions are the same; therefore, they should not be treated the same. We work with clients to tailor payment options and attorney services to meet individual need. This can take the form of equity options for startups, credit for partially drafted applications, or volume discounts. The bottom line is we are willing to work with you to be part of your success. 

  V. Costs.

Lower overhead allows allows clients to secure IP protection without paying for the expensive office of the drafting patent attorney. My practice is to keep overhead low and pass these cost savings onto my clients.