Patent Drafting, Filing, and Prosecution Services:

Patents are the primary focus at CrownoverLaw; specifically, CrownoverLaw specializes in securing patent rights through the USPTO and works with foreign attorneys to secure foreign patent rights.

At CrownoverLaw, we endeavor  to provide proactive nimble solutions. We explore practical options along with alternatives to fully advance our clients Intellectual Property rights and work with IP specialists to offer complete IP solutions.

Getting Your Application on File:

(1) DISCLOSURE: An invention disclosure allows a patent attorney to understand the invention and provide advice and council regarding IP protection. Disclosures can also help flesh out the technology so that a thorough scope of protection can be sought. A typical patent disclosure prepared by inventors should include: 

(2) REVIEW: Once you disclose your idea Robert Crownover will review the disclosure and provide options including type of IP protection, number/kind of patents, non-provisional or provisional options, and foreign filing options. Estimates of work, time, and money required to draft and file the application can also be provided at this time. 

Usually, a meeting is helpful at this point to discuss options. If you are in the SF Bay area in person meetings are possible, otherwise telephone or internet meetings also work.

(3) AGREEMENT: Once the inventors and patent attorney agree on a time frame, cost, and work to be done, a contract will be executed by both parties.

(4) DRAFT: A patent application will be drafted in compliance with all strategically important foreign and domestic regulations. 

(5) APPROVAL: Once drafted, the inventors will review the patent application. Changes to the patent application can be made easily at this time. Once the inventors approve the patent application for filing, an oath or declaration will be executed by the inventors and a power of attorney by the inventors or any assignees.

(6) FILE: The Application will be filed along with all necessary supporting documents such as the ADS, IDS, assignment, oath, declaration, and other documents in some circumstances. USPTO or foreign filing costs will be paid at this time. These costs can include search fees, examination fees, filing fees, recordation fees, excess material fees, and other fees in some circumstances.