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CrownoverLaw is the private practice of Patent Attorney Robert Crownover. 

Prior to patent law, Robert Crownover worked in IC fabrication including Photolithography and thin-films deposition. 

In 2007 Robert Crownover began drafting Integrated Circuit Packaging patent applications as an apprentice patent agent for a Patent Attorney with over 30 years of experience. After five years of apprenticeship and law school, CrownoverLaw was opened in 2012.

The primary practice at CrownoverLaw is Patent drafting and prosecution, which includes the process of obtaining the letters patent from the USPTO. We partner with many foreign associates to offer a wide range of foreign filing options. We also provide IP licensing services, trademark services, and design patent services.

CrownoverLaw specializes in working with individuals, startups, and small businesses with the goal of structuring patents and patent portfolios for maximum valuation with investors and acquiring companies. At CrownoverLaw we work with clients to determine what ideas to protect and how best to protect them. 

Solutions provided by CrownoverLaw generally fall into three classes, solutions for individuals, solutions for businesses, and solutions for other law firms. Although this is not always the case, most often the strategies of individuals and businesses differ. CrownoverLaw offers comprehensive solutions in both circumstances.

Practice Areas

Patent Prosecution

CrownoverLaw provides patent drafting and prosecution services in many areas of technology, including:

Foreign Filing

Patent Litigation


IP Contracts

IP Projects

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It is our practice to conduct an initial interview where we assess IP protection options and ensure no internal conflicts exist with IP coverage of other clients. During this interview the following topics can be discussed:

Once our clients fully understand the options and strategies available to them we move forward with a plan for IP protection. Most clients prefer fixed fees for Patent and Trademark solutions, which we are happy to offer.

As the private practice of Robert Crownover, CrownoverLaw operates with a much lower overhead than most firms. These savings are passed on to, and enjoyed by our clients.

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