Our Mission:

CROWNOVERLAW believes in innovation and was founded with the singular purpose to advance innovation in the high-tech community and the legal practice.

From this seed, CROWNOVERLAW has begun to bring innovation to the practice of law by developing, implementing, and leveraging new and powerful tools. Tools such as: 
  • new relational databases that leverage automated data collection and enable unparalleled ability to value, monetize, manage, and develop IP portfolios at little additional cost; 
  • sophisticated conceptual analysis engines that run on top of the best search engines available and greatly reduce the cost and time of doing patentability searches, invalidity searches, and infringement searches; and 
  • applications and methods to draft, track, check, and streamline the attorney work product.
The innovation advanced, developed and implemented at CROWNOVERLAW yields meaningful benefits in both reduced time-frames, reduced costs, and increased utility. Not only do these innovative tools advance the practice of law they advance innovation in the high-tech community because our clients are the primary beneficiaries of the cost savings and utility improvements. 

CROWNOVERLAW does not stop with internal innovation but has implemented innovative processes and techniques to advance the interests of our clients and maximize the incentive to innovate that is at the heart of intellectual property protection. CROWNOVERLAW takes a strategic approach to drafting Patent Applications and to Patent Prosecution. Our strategic approach aims to strike the delicate and ever-changing balance between patent strength and scope. Drafting patent claims that are enforceable over the life of a patent, that are broad enough to prevent "design around", and that are commercially viable is said to be the most difficult work any lawyer will face. This is our specialty.

CROWNOVERLAW categorically rejects the standard legal practice of drafting cookie cutter patents and shoehorning every invention and client into a standardized template. This fails to adequately protect ideas. This does not provide the thoughtful flexible work product that clients deserve, expect, and pay legal fees to obtain.