CrownoverLaw began in the heart of Silicon Valley with the intent to provide thoughtful, flexible patenting solutions for startups. With this approach, we work hand in hand with our clients to secure their markets by protecting their innovations. The focus of our approach is to increase our client's valuation during funding and acquisition.

Our expertise and approach has proven effective, resulting in a strong and growing number of happy and loyal clients. 

Building on our continued success: 

  • CrownoverLaw has obtained multiple Non-Provisional Utility patents within 3 to 4 months from an initial Non-Provisional Patent Application filing using the accelerated prosecution procedures of Track 1.
  • CrownoverLaw is now providing our IP legal expertise of portfolio development, management, and monetization - critical for successful startup funding - to clients from around the United States as well as internationally. 
Notwithstanding the growth and success of CrownoverLaw, we are and will remain committed to serving and growing our core business in the Silicon Valley community.

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