Patents are the primary focus at CROWNOVERLAW; specifically, CROWNOVERLAW specializes in securing patent rights through the USPTO and taking clients from conception to protection. At CROWNOVERLAW, we endeavor  to provide proactive nimble solutions. We explore practical options along with alternatives to fully advance our clients Intellectual Property rights.

At every step of the way,  CROWNOVERLAW is here to help you.

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At CROWNOVERLAW we never charge for answering our clients questions or ensuring they fully understand the options and strategies available to them. Our practice is to thoroughly understand our client's business, industry, and market and to thoroughly understand how our clients intend to use their IP rights. Whether a patent is a strategic piece of a larger portfolio or whether one patent contains a first set of claims intended to be licensed and a second set of claims intended to be held defensively, CROWNOVERLAW will custom tailor the drafting and prosecution to precisely fit our clients needs.

How the Patent Process Works

Understanding the patenting process is the first step in obtaining IP protection.


CROWNOVERLAW specializes in working with individuals, startups, and small businesses. The CROWNOVERLAW  practice focuses on structuring patents and patent portfolios for maximum valuation with investors and acquiring companies. At CROWNOVERLAW we work with our clients to determine what ideas to protect and how best to protect them. 

Solutions provided by CROWNOVERLAW generally fall into two classes, solutions for individuals and solutions for businesses. Although this is not always the case, most often the strategies of individuals and businesses differ. CROWNOVERLAW offers comprehensive solutions in both circumstances.