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At CROWNOVERLAW we believe that when your technology is fundamental to your business success, it must be protected by an IP Portfolio purposefully designed with that end in mind. CROWNOVERLAW’s purposeful design of the IP Portfolio enables effective development, valuation, management, and monetization to maximize return on investment.

At CROWNOVERLAW we specialize in designing IP portfolios that utilize scarce resources most effectively and place our clients in favorable position for funding and acquisition.

The heart of CROWNOVERLAW’s design process is an understanding that many legal tasks can be leveraged for multiple objectives. At CROWNOVERLAW  we collect over 100 different pieces of information during the patent application process. This allows us to leverage work done during the application process to develop, value, manage, and monetize the IP portfolio. These four objectives can be achieved more effectively and with fewer resources with the CROWNOVERLAW  system.

CROWNOVERLAW helps our clients avoid the large expenses, loss of rights, loss of product differentiation, and loss of investment that usually accompanies poorly designed and poorly executed IP Portfolios. 

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