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How To Patent: 02 Cost.

posted Jan 14, 2013, 2:50 PM by Robert Crownover
The single biggest question I get is: "How much would it cost to patent my idea?"

This video has been posted and addresses the current costs that an inventor should expect to pay to protect an invention. The video also includes a WARNING about fees that most inventors do not expect and are surprised to find tacked on to the end of their bill.

The surprise is generated when inventors get a quote for help filing an Application. With most Patent Attorneys a quote is for legal services only. Additional costs are generated beyond Attorney's Fees and Inventors should know ahead of time what these costs are.

When a quote is given for Attorney's Fees, Drawings are sometimes not included. Drawings can run 50-100 dollars per page and can add up quickly.

USPTO costs are almost never included in a Quote. For a small entity Fees can run a little over 600 dollars and for a large entity Fees can run a little over 1200 dollars.

Search costs are sometimes included in a quote, but more often than not, they are extra. Search costs can run 500 to 1000 dollars.